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What is the Self-Pay Program?

You do not need to have a Health Care plan to ensure the best care for your and your family’s health. VUPC now offers a brand new Self-Pay Program; become a member of our Urgent and Primary Care clinic by paying nominal monthly charges and get multiple benefits. 


We here at VUPC pride ourselves on providing the most exemplary and compassionate service to all of our patients. Our diverse staff of providers and employees are able to speak a multitude of languages including Spanish and Hindi.  


Our plan centers on the convenience for and quality of service to our patients. Current health care systems do not provide quality options but with our Self-Pay Program, patients can opt for a plan that fits their own needs and that of their families. With our Self-Pay Program, VUPC cuts out the middle man; your payments directly go to the providers, not to the insurance companies.


Why choose VUPC?

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The patient needs to sign an agreement with VUPC to be a part of the Self-Pay Program. 

  2. The patient will either get an appointment for the say day or, at the latest, the following day (subject to Hours of Operation). 

  3. Patient will be provided access to an online patient portal, which will allow them to see their labs and communicate with the provider directly. Patient must provide cellphone number and email address in order to enroll. 

  4. Additional lab testing is also available after discussion with the provider.

  5. All services discussed and outlined can be used within one year from the date of joining the program. Any unused services will not rollover to the following year. 

  6. There is no automatic annual renewal of the Self-Pay Program; patients must sign a new agreement with VUPC every year. 

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